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Exploring an Abandoned Church In Lincolnshire – Photography Post!

Sometimes I forget how beautiful 50mm images look and it wasn’t until I¬†saw these Images that I truly rekindled my love with this beautiful lens. I edited these images on the Adobe Lightroom mobile app. Abandoned Church In Lincolnshire I find graveyards really peaceful places to be and I love walking around and weirdly feeling… Read More Exploring an Abandoned Church In Lincolnshire – Photography Post!


The Week In Outfits

This week I’ve got a few outfits to share with you because I’ve actually made the effort to get dressed and not slump around for most of the day in my pj’s whilst getting work done. I’ve really tried to embrace a ”hippy clothing” type of style this week and have even made much more… Read More The Week In Outfits


Manchester in 2014

I always wanted to visit Manchester and a college project in 2014 gave me the perfect project to do just so. I don’t know why but I’ve always had a weird deep connection with the city of Manchester, maybe because it’s so different to Lincoln in terms of how big and built up it is.… Read More Manchester in 2014