HAPPY BEST FRIEND DAY; Portraits Of My Best Friend

According to  today is best friend day and what better way to celebrate it than taking a trip down memory lane with all of my favorite photographs of my bezza pal.

Me and Caitlin (caitylis) have been friends for 2 nearly 3 years now and I can easily say that she’s the best friend I’ve ever had. Our friendship is completely different to anything I’ve ever experienced before.

We’ve known ‘of’ each other longer than 2 years but it wasn’t until she started on the same Higher National Diploma course in photography as me. I was a bit skeptical about how well we’d get on at first, but I was excited to finally get to speak to the cool girl with an eyebrow piercing.

yes, that is matching swimsuits that you see. 

We’ve had so many fun memories together that include her drowning me in my own lazy spa and graduating together in October last year and I’m pretty sure we will have many more memories to come.

Here we are a few years later, we don’t see each other as much as we both would like but life just get’s in the way. She’s a new mum and is currently juggling the new mum job with the title of new house buyer and I couldn’t be more proud of how amazing she is and I’ve been doing my own thing, hibernating and ignoring humans.

I can’t wait for her to live closer to me, I know we will see a lot more of each other when she does.

Caitlin, you’re bloody amazing and I admire you.

Here’s to a long future of being besties!













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