What Do You Need To Know Today? 18/06/18

Happy Monday folks! Nobody likes Monday mornings, do they? Everything seems to slow moving and you’re still not fully recovered from the weekend ORRRR are you like me and you don’t really have a weekend so every day just keeps blending in together so Monday’s don’t really bother you..

Either way, let us get on with some Monday motivation to get you moving no matter what you fancy.

Here are some of my motivators for this week;

Photograph by Sarah Kriner (Bloglovin’ link here)
I was just stumbling through Bloglovin’ desperately trying to find some blogs to read related to photography and this image caught my eye. I fell in love with this image instantly. The image was taken as part of a wedding documentation by Sarah, the images in her post are divine, you should really check her out. I’d like to get out there this week and get some images like this myself from wherever I may end up traveling too. I know there are some beautiful houses full of charisma just around the corner from me so I’ll certainly be paying them a visit.

This image just screams the word character at you. It actually reminds me of something you’d see at Sundown Adventure Land here in the UK.  The colors are just stunning and just upon looking at it for 5 seconds, it made me want to go out and take my own images like this. ( If anyone knows of anywhere in the UK that isn’t a family day out location then plz get in touch!)
You can find the link to the rest of Andreas Stavropoulos below he has some truly stunning images on there, the architectural ones are my favorites.


Photograph by Daniel Casson

Daniel Casson is someone I have followed on 500px for a while now and have become a massive fan of his landscape work. Just how stunning are the colors of this image? No matter how many times I try to achieve this look myself it never goes to plan but that makes me appreciate Daniels work a lot more. He is extremely talented and due to his following on 500px I’m not the only one who thinks so. You really need to go check out his page; linked below.


Image found on Pinterest here




“Notice The Signs”

They say that feathers are a sign an angel is watching over you, helping and guiding you through your day or maybe is just reminding you that you are loved. I’m a huge believer in signs personally and I look for them in my day to day life to help me make decisions.
Pay more attention to everything you see and hear. Subconsciously, you’ll only hear the stuff you need to hear and this is your sign. It will guide you in the direction that you’re sure to take and answer any questions that you may need answering.
Tune in to your emotions and follow the signs that become known to you and there you will find your guidance. 

Love Always x


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