Infrared Photography – Experimenting With Colours

The whole time that I’ve been working with infrared photography, I’ve only ever edited my images into the traditional blue and white colored image or converted the image to black and white, however, recently I have been drawn to much more vibrant and uniquely edited infrared images.

I follow an infrared account on Instagram called @creativeinfrared_global and They host some beautiful work on their account and it really inspired me to get out and go and shoot and best of all ‘play’.

It’s important that every now and then we play with our photographs because we may come across something that can be turned into a beautiful masterpiece.

Editing infrared images is a complex technique and I am tempted to write a post on how I edit mine if you’d be interested in reading that then please, let me know.

So, let’s cut to the chase – Scroll down for some VERY adventurous imagery.








Whilst doing these images I came up with even more crazy idea’s to create some insanely unique photographs. Let me tell you – I am taking full advantage of my new found freedom.

What do you think of the images above? Have you experimented with different colours before, what was your results? I’d love to see.

Feel free to head over to where most of these images will be available to purchase.

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