Infrared Fine Art Portraiture

I had always wondered how to do infrared photography, so when I finally was able to learn that I took it upon myself to then branch off from landscapes onto portraiture.
Infrared portraiture is something I’ve not yet decided whether I am a fan of or not and I think that is because the way that it makes people look is so different to how you expect them to look. Infrared is a light that is not visible to the human eye and because of that, the infrared camera captures something in a completely different light to how you are known to see them. This isn’t as impacting when you take a picture of a portrait, however, when you photograph a person, you really get to see the changes it makes to their features and for that, it makes the concept really quite fascinating.
There’s almost something angelic about the images, maybe the light hair and the flowers in the images are the reason for that, however, these images have a completely different feel to the ones I published last week’s post Using Flowers As A Backdrop which just goes to prove that the infrared really does change the way the images make you feel quite dramatically.
What do you think of these? Is this something you’d like me to venture into a bit more in the future? Be sure to let me know!
All images in this post have been taken with an IR converted Canon 400D.






Love Always X


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