The Most Beautiful Church in Lincolnshire


Church’s are stunning anyway due to their intricate and detailed designs within the architecture. Some people are completely put off by the word “church” and hold some kind of hostility towards it. Weird. 

I am not a religious person, I don’t believe or not believe in a higher being than ourselves, I struggle to get my head around the fact we live on a globe in the middle of space most of the time so I am certainly not going to try and get my head around anything else. 

Churches aren’t about religion for me. I see churches as a safe place. I love walking around a church, taking in every beautiful element and listening to the beautiful, yet the somewhat haunting sound of the organ or choir. It just takes me to a whole other place. 
On my travels, I came across this beautiful little church in Southrey, Lincolnshire. This church was like nothing I’ve seen in Lincolnshire before and looks like something you’d see in an American themed show or movie. It really did take my breath away. The beautiful striking blue sky as it’s backdrop I imagine really added to the aesthetic of it. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone X with me but then, fortunately, the camera is pretty great so the images turned out wonderfully and they do say the best camera is the one you have with you. 


What do you think of this beautiful little poppet? 

All images were taken with iPhone X

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