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A Dog Walk at Greetwell Hollow – iPhone X Photographs

On Monday we were blessed with beautiful day, mild and sunny, I had my sister here to stay and we’ve been struggling to find things to do to keep ourselves occupied so we decided to go to Greetwell Hollow nature reserve that’s just around the corner from my house to let the dogs run wild as it’s been a while since they got a proper sprint out in a big open space.

It was quite the refreshing experience to finally get out the house and breathe some fresh air compared to sitting in and playing Fortnite for hours on end to keep ourselves entertained.

The dogs absolutely loved it, as they always do, Alfie even went as far as swimming in the small lake which is quite a surprise because the last time we took Alf near water, he didn’t want to know. Who knew that throwing rocks for dogs to chase after was so much fun. They got filthy but they loved it!

All images in this post were taken with iPhone X. 


Quite possibly not the best choices of shoes…






 Alf went proper swimming, which amused us greatly as before he’s never been keen on water, but for a rock, he will actually go swimming to try and retrieve it. 








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