◈ The Last Weekly Update 08/10/17

Thank goodness it’s finally October. I have been so bad with the blog posts lately and I do apologize about that, however, I have needed the time to get my shit together and just get my head straight.

There’s not a great amount to update you on since our last chat asides from the fact that I graduated this week! A very surreal experience quite possibly could have been made better by me not being ill, since then I’ve been practically bedridden trying to recover (currently on day 4!) There’s honestly nothing nice about getting a chest infection when you have asthma and an undeveloped left lung. It really does take it out of you.
Asides from being ill I have had a mass amount of unnecessary stress this week. For a few weeks now Noah has been coming in from the garden wet. I had my suspicions as to why, but never really had the proof to know for sure why he was coming in wet -Until recently when I saw it with my own eyes. I’m not going to go into the details as to why or what was going on, but anyone who says my dogs are nasty and act like pack animals is completely incorrect. If you have met my dogs you’ll know they’re soft as grease with a ton of bark; AND on top of that, if anybody has a problem with the behavior of my dogs, they can come and speak to me or my partner and not take it out on the dogs. OOOOO crikey, it makes me angry.
There’s going to be some changes made on the blog, it appears I don’t do enough to be able to post every week about what I got up to when I’ve really not got that much of an interesting life. I don’t want to fully commit to posting on schedule whilst doing my studies because it’s just too much to think about at once and I’m not really great at that.
I’ve started my driving lessons again, I’m still a bit skeptical
about whether or not I want to pass my driving test this year. I honestly do not have the time for it right now or the money.


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