◈ Living With 13 Pets

24 years old, living with my partner and over the 4/5 years that we have lived together have managed to work up the collection of 12 furbabies. I say we lightly as it is mainly me, I am the one obsessed with anything fluffy that also has a pulse.

We have 2 cats, Nanny(6) & Caspar(2). 2 Dogs, Noah(4) & Alfie(2). 2 Guinea Pigs, Nev & Nial (Both 3). Fish (They count as 1 cause they are well easy to keep!) and 6 Rabbits(that are all under a year old), Healy, Benji, Olive, Pip, Bronson & Little Blue.

It was all going so well before my birthday this year, we had a healthy amount of animals, in pairs. However, My mum bought me a rabbit for my birthday and it escalated from there. I became completely and utterly obsessed with bunnies. I mean, how can you not? They’re just so cute and funny to watch.

My fur babies have enhanced my life a considerable amount. I love my animals more than anything in the whole world and when I sit and watch them all living together in harmony I get a warm fuzzy feeling fill my entire body, the feeling of what can only be described as unconditional love.

I have dedicated a room in my home to my bunnies and guineas. The bunnies have free roam of the house usually but only do their business in litter trays provided in their room. At night I lock them in there with there to ensure they don’t get up to no good when there are no eyes watching them.  Olive and Healy love running around the house and binkying around every corner.

I do have to sweep ‘budget bunny island’ every morning because even though they do most of their business in their provided litter trays there are droppings that they’ve created floor art with and spread their sawdust and hay everywhere.

so, all in all; over the summer it hasn’t been that bad looking after the fluffy bunch, however when I eventually go back to college in two weeks time I feel as though I might struggle to keep on top of the housework. However, because I am already in a routine it shouldn’t be too hard. I just need to ensure I get up 20 minutes earlier every day to make sure that I have time to maintain my happy buns.

My pigs don’t require much, they’re very much happy in their cage munching and are only interested in communicating with you if you’re offering them a strawberry or broccoli.

Life is never boring with a number of animals I have and each and every one of them have completely different personalities and it really is comical sometimes, especially when Healy and Noah are fighting over who gets to chew up the football.

People tend to think I am crazy for having a number of animals that I have because of a couple of reasons;

1. I am allergic to pretty much all of them.
2. My house isn’t big enough for 12 animals.
3. I am running out of places to keep them all.

Life is busy, a little hectic at times and lazy days are almost never available but I am surrounded by little creatures who love me and make me happy when I am feeling poopy.

Stay Happy & Healthy,



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